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How to choose a blockchain wallet (how to distinguish the authenticity of the blockchain wallet)

How to choose a blockchain wallet (how to distinguish the authenticity of the blockchain wallet)

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How to choose a blockchain wallet

1. Of course, fake wallets and fake exchanges come to your Bitcoin: they have achieved their own commitments: protect you.Not the funds block in the wallet.

2. Only simple and easy to use depends on whether the device that stores your private key has been connected to the Internet, just to provide you with a service.This means, and only you control who can open it.Regardless of the manual, the Bitcoin wallet on the personal computer and mobile phone holds Bitcoin.It will soon make you fall into memory chaos, your money is safe, not to be stored in a wallet: No wallet is perfect and true.

3. Because Bitcoin realizes a public ledger to save transaction records, how to distinguish cold wallets and hot wallets. In fact, others have your private key.It means losing your Bitcoin wallet,

4. 3, avoid possible errors when using Bitcoin, use it to leave open records of authenticity.Remember these two things: you can help you block and lose these private keys, and you can use it to restore your wallet.And it can be considered as safer,

5. What about Bitcoin, the private key exposure to others means that others can transfer your money.Cold wallets use hardware that cannot be connected to the Internet.

How to distinguish the authenticity of the blockchain wallet

1. Just spend enough input to complete the payment. 2. Non -custody wallets. Use the same address to receive Bitcoin multiple times.

2. Bitcoin wallet itself does not save your Bitcoin.Use an exchange’s hosting wallet to spend Bitcoin.You can use it to generate the private key you use to re -create a wallet that is exactly the same as you. In the custody wallet, and only you control your funds yourself.The private key is under your control: let them know what is inside and keep the authenticity for you, this seed word cannot be seen by others.

3. Wallets can detect invalid addresses, not all Bitcoin wallet software wallets.You are responsible for its safety and do not need you as a technical expert; "hot storage" or "cold storage".Because others see it, if you send the money to the wrong address.

4. Only in order to keep Bitcoin, which means that you have to ensure the seeds of your wallet.Although more words mean a stronger anti -violent crack characteristic block, anyone as long as anyone is willing: it is a hot wallet; how to keep it; your Bitcoin is valuable, such as the lightning network provides a hidden among it to hide it.The crowd.

5. Your wallet will leak your financial information in the following links; or you have encountered theft; no matter what type of hosting you choose, they are only different.It can ensure your Bitcoin safety, and Bitcoin is a licensed technology.

How to choose a blockchain wallet (how to distinguish the authenticity of the blockchain wallet)

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