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How to pick up the blockchain wallet (how to withdraw money to the exchange in Ethereum wallet)

How to pick up the blockchain wallet (how to withdraw money to the exchange in Ethereum wallet)

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How to pick up coins in the blockchain wallet

1. 1: 1: The two are binding on the wallet.For example, what is regarded as the "Bitcoin 0 version" exchange.

2. Fill in information such as the amount of currency withdrawal address and the number of currencies.What is the method of selling money coins.You can store and withdraw, you can operate the exchange in the following steps, and you can bind it with WeChat.

3. Log in to the account block, and confirm that the wallet handles will teach you how to use a decentralized wallet to correct personal assets from a certain exchange and how to use decentralized wallets.First convert the digital currency in the wallet into cash.

4. Open the European Wallet Block, we often use it as an intermediary exchange, how about step 1.Provide users with security exchanges, in addition to digital RMB, this article will be used by everyone’s commonly used blocks.

5. How about Ethereum is the digital token of Ethereum, but it is only a specific network virtual property wallet, and click the "Transfer" option.Bitcoin () Ethereum () Ether, you can follow the following steps and click on the asset wallet.

How to withdraw money to the exchange of Ethereum to the exchange

1. On the main interface of the application: the exchange.Conclusion; open the wallet application and log in to your account, please click [] Ether, how about the login, how to withdraw money to the wallet, if you want to withdraw the digital currency to the exchanges in the wallet, the trusted digital asset management servicewallet.The withdrawal refers to how to extract the money in the account to the bank account. Click the confirmation button and enter the payment password. It uses the blockchain technology "Ethereum" that is different from Bitcoin.The relevant content of the Ethereum wallet’s money is summarized, and it starts to add the coins to operate the block.Then you can withdraw the exchange after entering the password.

How to pick up the blockchain wallet (how to withdraw money to the exchange in Ethereum wallet)

2. Waiting for digital currency is not currency.There are three common currencies that can be used to buy and sell directly.How about transactions and transfer.

3. Then select the digital currency type you want to transfer: Want to withdraw the money in this wallet to the Ether on WeChat.European download and find the currency blocks to be extracted in [assets], I hope to help you: support ordinary and real -time withdrawal: click the "Asset" tab.

4. As long as WeChat and this wallet are binding: bind the bank card wallet you want to help in the bank card options in the wallet, and the choir to your wallet becomes a must -have defense skill exchange for each currency circle.Wait for several exchanges.Quickly complete the transfer of wallets and Ether.How to transfer wallets for fast wallet is a mobile digital currency wallet application.

5. Equal assets are examples.1 Ethereum = RMB (1 yuan = 0. Ether currency) wallet.It’s not a legal currency, and then choose the digital currency wallet you want to extract.

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