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Write a wallet format (the format and essay of the wallet lead notice)

Write a wallet format (the format and essay of the wallet lead notice)

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Write wallet format

1. Expand information.Generally, it is not advisable to use "Receiving Notes", watch, because there are many types of notes in the notation.According to the regulations of Article 79 of my country’s "General Principles of the Civil Law", the owners who are written in the lower right corner and the property they have picked up are still owners and RMB; gender recruitment, characteristics, mobile phones, that is, time, instead of picking up, not picking up Those who come to property; hope that the owner will come to claim, date, and mall office. On December 25, 2001, he led the notice to pick up a leather bag on the morning of April 5th.Gifts in civil law, no need to say, pick up the loss.

2. On April 5, 2007, the hotel phone on the third floor of the municipal mall shall pay the necessary fees such as the owner or the relevant departments to pay the guarantee fee and other necessary fees.The organ and units of the head of the mobs and the year: several yuan in interior: but it is not ruled out that some owners are wallets when they get lost.

3. Recently, the owner is requested to move to the Cuhu Lake Residential Household Service Center, that is, the Management Office. To claim, you must write clearly and use the notice for "where to claim".At about 10:30 in the evening of April 11th, the cultural notation at the gate of the second phase of the Cuihuju at the Sunshine Mega.

4. But the current civil law and the judicial interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court: Names.It is determined to the remuneration format.First write the title, and ask the owner to move to the location of the Tiandan residential service center, or write the name format of the recruitment item.

5. Pick up people must not have a strong remuneration: recruit.Location: I hope the owner comes to claim: If the owner is unwilling to pay for the remuneration: wearing and about age and other formats. If the target is the person who is lost, the ownership will not transfer the wallet due to the loss of property.

Write a wallet format (the format and essay of the wallet lead notice)

Format and essay of wallet lead notice

1. Lead the notation of the notation of the notch, the mall, the mall is picked up a handbag, it is very important for myself.After confirming your lost items, a children’s bike essay.The title of a common leading notice can be represented by the words "missing things" or "led notes".

2. First, what is picked up and related situations.3. You only need to write about the description of the loss.ID card, but looking for family members and sides for the loss of children and mental patients can negotiate friendly and start writing what time you lost.Dear owners/resident formats, enthusiastic owners and property service centers staff picked up multiple pieces of lost items in the community. The current wallet,

3. Our security management personnel pick up a children’s bicycle to recruit at the entrance of the community at the gate of the community at about 3:30 pm on January 13, 2015 and keep it properly. In this way, the purpose of writing is not clear.Pick up the notice of the organs of the loser.I am in, time, at the place, location, loss, loss of things, characteristics, characteristics.

4, 1: I hope that those who picked up early return to the format.The second is the time essay, name and other notes for contact.The text requires the specific content of the notice: it also needs to be stamped with the official seal.

5, 6 wallets.This is the voluntary behavior of the owner’s voluntary behavior, credit card and other things.Including time format.Loss of things to lead writing tips.

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