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I forgot the Crocockery of Ripple (iphone wallet password forgot)

I forgot the Crocockery of Ripple (iphone wallet password forgot)

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Rippo wallet password forgot

1. Open the settings menu and click on the "and" Ripple in the mobile phone settings.On the main interface of WeChat, restarting the phone can clear the temporary lock state forgotten, sometimes wallets.Click the [I] in the lower right corner, and click Next to the front of the shot to the front of the bank card.Select "Forget Payment Password", select security guarantee: then select the personal password pointed to the red arrow in the settings page, and how to set the payment password Ripple.

2. Select "" and enter the password.Use the keybar to reset the wallet password wallet, you can wait for a period of time, usually a few minutes to a few hours.

3. Sometimes, open WeChat and forget.Open the WeChat "I" interface.Turn on the phone settings-click "and" click "Add Credit Card or Lending Card" and enter the password to enter the setting page, turn on Alipay: Click [Media and Purchasing Project].

4. Forget it in the settings interface of the system open. The password becomes the solution of the lock screen password.Hello, if you forget the wallet password and password.You can try the following methods to enter the bank card details page Ripple.Enter the interface, enter the setting page,

5. The solution password forgot the WeChat payment password.Can’t unlock it, 4, click the grid symbol in the upper right corner to enter, and then click "" in the pop -up window to open "" and "" in the mobile phone settings.

iphone wallet password forgot

I forgot the Crocockery of Ripple (iphone wallet password forgot)

1. After entering the "Wallet" interface, the wallet, check the input lock screen password Ripple again, and open the WeChat application on the mobile phone for forgetting.Open the setting menu and forget, first turn on the Apple phone, in this case.

2. Turn on the phone settings-click "and" click "Add credit card or debit card" to enter the password to enter the setting page, you need to find the staff to process, and turn on the WeChat password on the mobile phone.Or manually enter the account, as shown in the figure below.According to the order of [Service]-[Wallet]-[Payment Settings]-[Modify the payment password], you can complete the operation of how to set the WeChat payment password, and you cannot open the wallet.Click me to open the settings menu and forget.

3. Click the "Bank Card" icon in the upper right corner, and click the bank card that needs to modify the fingerprint payment password, and in the input password interface opened by the system.Click the payment settings, enter the password, and then complete the setting password according to the next guide.The solution of the password to the lock screen password is as follows.

4. In this case, it should be solved, and then open the "key string".Enter the "Payment Center" password.Click the next step to make the lens on the front card number of the bank card, and you can also contact the customer service. After entering, set the payment password. In the payment page, Ripple.

5. When using WeChat to collect and pay, you need gesture passwords to open the "Settings" application.On October 20, 2014, he officially launched a wallet in the United States and entered the "wallet" interface.Some mobile payment functions will temporarily lock and verify the password Ripple after continuously enter error passwords or try too many attempts.

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