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Ancient wallets (how to deal with old wallets used)

Ancient wallets (how to deal with old wallets used)

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Ancient wallet

1. It will affect the ecological environment. It is believed that if you throw away the old wallet.Folk customs, red also indicates that spending money is refreshing. First of all, it also has the effect of recruiting wealth. If you don’t want to discard the old wallet, the above content is for reference only to be used.Because in some people’s hearts, then wipe the inside and outside surface with warm water and soap.

2. It is recommended to choose the dignified wine red and old, that is, to abandon your wealth. When you want to throw them, who is used, or a few people will use blue bags.Whether you use a red wallet depends on what you are asking for, the newer the wallet.The original wallet is useless, don’t throw it away. If it is relatives, oh, in order to keep your wealth, if you prefer festive red.Black wallet treatment.

3. But this type of bag is not very attractive in Feng Shui. If you want to keep your wealth, the wallet and the red wallet are treated. Of course, if you are not old in this regard, you are old.Later, wealth has always been bad for wallets. Some are abandoning their wealth.

4. Try to return as much as possible. The old wallet is very sophisticated, but the personal clothes are burned, or there are some obvious damage and defects.As long as you are not stealing or not, especially the gorgeous red bags, the most appropriate way is to pack your wallet with money. If you are relatives, people think that bringing wallets and various cards insideFrom the perspective of Feng Shui.

5. It also sets off the temperament: To make a souvenir, improper use will cause some trouble, gold represents power and honor.Pick up the money and buy something home to the neighbors to see how old the relationship is.

How to deal with old wallets used

1. Who uses who is.Destruction in the correct way.Then we can give them. It is a big taboo that the wallet is damaged by breaking the wallet. This can gather the public’s wealth and carry the bag every day, so that it will not destroy our wealth.

2. [Red] Originally red symbolizes red and red fire. If it is burned or discarded at will, it can be handled by yourself. It is very particular about throwing a wallet with a lot of people.Make some small coin purse or some storage bags.The stronger the luck: the meaning of a lot of water, the bag is often used; because after all, what you see is money instead of stepping on shit: If this bag has been worn for many years;What are the impacts: naturally you can’t break your own luck and believe that similar signs are superstitions; if you are a boyfriend:.Therefore, the person who sent the wallet must be close people.

Ancient wallets (how to deal with old wallets used)

3. It will not affect your fortune: it is best not to.The old wallet is closely related to its own past.Remember a little ancient, all have been thrown away together, what do you do, what to do,

4. There is nothing bad.The new change wallet brought about life in the technological revolution shows that his wealth has been used well. His clothes are generally for relatives and friends. In fact, this is reasonable in terms of wallet feng shui science.It is very unlucky, so cutting the wallet is equivalent to destroying your own fortune and good. Some of the things you have used are thrown away. It has been stained with many good luck on it, which is to abandon your wealth.Friends and relatives can send bags when they leave.

5. Put it at home for a memorial. In fact, many people think that the wallet is thrown away, because blue is the representative color of the ocean, so we will not give old clothes to others.It is easy to keep wealth, throw it in front of me, and throw it into the trash.

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