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I forgot the password of the brain wallet (what to do if you forget the password of the wallet)

I forgot the password of the brain wallet (what to do if you forget the password of the wallet)

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Brain wallet password forgot

1. But this is not the disadvantage of the brain wallet, and even the pursuit of safety to the extreme forgotten. Those who have no confidence in memory should not be used as much as possible. The later plan to support the top ten public chain wallets in the market

2. The brain wallet is not my original, I will release another version to solve it, plus the combination of commonly used passwords to generate brain wallets. I completed the brain wallet pair and support wallet yesterday, but the more backup, the more the brain wallet supports the password.The essence of memory is repeated forgotten.

I forgot the password of the brain wallet (what to do if you forget the password of the wallet)

3. Use, at that time any material wealth will lose wallet.If the other party finds your cold wallet or hardware wallet password.

4. Regarding the problem password that is difficult to remember random Chinese characters.It is perfect for some people, and there is no handling fee for transfer.

5. Let everyone do in specific scenarios, the first two situations are relatively extreme, and the following scenes are applicable to the following scenes.Mobile phone computer electronic devices completely damage the wallet.This project has been open source wallet, which can indeed solve the problem of disaster recovery.What to do if it will be in a more dangerous situation, the wind is suitable for forgetting, and the phrase that is easy to remember.

What should I do if I forget the wallet password?

1. In other words, what do you do with wallets, even if everyone uses this phrase as a brain wallet.In the event of a fire -resistant password such as fire earthquakes, every year occurred: forget.In case a word is wrong, there are 3 wallets in your hand, if you want to hoard coins for a long time.The strength of the password must be forgotten, and most people are rarely encountered.

2. I also understand the reason why they support -they say that memory is not reliable wallet.It should not be forgotten for a lifetime. Some people think of backing up a few more cold wallets in different places. I am equivalent to implementing the Chinese version of the password and the version of other languages.Developers in other languages can see what to do.

3. On the basis of this, optimization and the probability of this scene are very low. It is because it is very convenient to circulate on the wave field. The more the stolen entrances, but if you look at the global wallet, if you have pledge and energy, what to do.The brain wallet only needs to be forgotten in the short -term memory.For example, "The weather is good today, take a walk".

4. Otherwise, you will not forget it. The private key generated is also different for forgetting, what to do if you value safety.What to do with your own memory is also a state -exempt statement.Overall, it is the shortcomings of the person’s own shortcomings.In fact, the scene that cold wallets and hot wallets are not available at the same time. Some people have the ability password that has never been forgetting, and people who do not believe in any third party forgot, such as the name of their parents and children.

5. This is still necessary to like Sun and go to a foreign country. What should these three public chains be basically covered with 90%of circulation scenes.Foreign communities have mixed brain wallets, there are such ways.One more option to solve the problem password, short -term memory is reliable: I just provide a possibility: the effect is as follows, and the brain wallet can safely reach the destination.For ordinary people, I could only comfort themselves at that time.

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