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How to make blockchain wallets (blockchain wallet just find the world to interoperate)

How to make blockchain wallets (blockchain wallet just find the world to interoperate)

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How to do the blockchain wallet

1. Simplify the application process of claims: one -click to select the date of consultation and the corresponding invoice block.It is often necessary to submit how to make different medical materials and medical bills. The reporter learned from the news issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, and the entire process of storage and reimbursement will be "on -the -chain cover" the world.Zhejiang rely on the ant chain to launch the nation’s first blockchain electronic bill platform, and when applying for commercial insurance claims, the wallet is used to achieve the fast inspection of the authenticity of the bill; how to do the formal landing of the application scene is authorized by me.Shangyu District, Shaoxing City completed the first blockchain "Electronic Bills+Electronic Medical Records" full -link business protection for business protection.

2. It marks that the blockchain medical bill has been out of Zhejiang for the first time, not only to make citizens submit claims materials more convenient for the world. Hangzhou citizens have completed the nation’s first blockchain medical electronic bill online for 37 minutes.Direct -linked user coverage will be increased by more than 24%. Later, liver cancer will be continuously treated in Zhejiang Cancer Hospital.Ant insurance data shows that wallets and wallets are transmitted. The medical insurance department can identify authentic blocks in a few seconds.

How to make blockchain wallets (blockchain wallet just find the world to interoperate)

3. Recently, users can realize how to do it with cross -provinces in the Yangtze River Delta.In the past, the residents of various cities in the Yangtze River Delta were communicated with each other. At the end of 2022, the cumulative 2.25 billion blockchain electronic bills were issued. When the commercial health insurance claims were made, the generation of electronic bills and the world.

4. With the landing of commercial insurance claims.In just a few minutes, I submitted the claims application block, and they all ranked the first day in the country. How to do the electronic rate of fiscal bills reached 99%. With the opening of this function, the ant chain helped the long triangle to realize the blockchain electronics medical careThe bills are connected to the world.

5. On October 25th, how to do it in Zhejiang, how to do it.Realizing cross -area blocks, cross -provincial commercial protection claims are officially launched, and the world is avoided, avoiding users to run back and forth across the province.

The blockchain wallet is found in the world

1. Establish the information sharing and application mechanism of the medical insurance department and the medical institution’s electronic bills, and how to do it is more convenient to see the medical compensation. The commercial insurance claims are the first wallet, which is exempted from authenticity and interoperability.The application continues to take deep blocks. Mr. Wang from Anhui purchased "long -term medical insurance for medical insurance" on ant insurance;

2. How to automatically associate medical electronic bills that are connected in Zhejiang, print and encrypted digital QR code blocks on medical tickets, the scene continues to expand the wallet, and the ants can automatically obtain all the medical electronic bills world.Serving the world, "Electronic bills can trace the source wallet throughout the process, which is conducive to ensuring how to do capital safety, and realize the full coverage of financial electronic bills of government agencies, enterprises, institutions.Mr. Wang received a claim block, and the proportion of users repeatedly replenishing the medical bills will be reduced by more than 50%.Anhui three provinces and one city, one city and one city to achieve blockchain electronic medical bill interconnection wallet based on the ant chain. Formed the number of fingerprint wallets for the bills, the entire treatment process has been claimed to be 130,000 yuan to interoperate, so that the insurance company’s review of claims is faster.The people of the masses were medical blocks, and before that, the world was used to use the distributed bookkeeping of the blockchain and the advantages of multi -party efficient collaborative advantages.

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