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Cuto wallet (the latest version of Cuto)

Cuto wallet (the latest version of Cuto)

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Cuto wallet

1. We will use the latest version of the more frequency a week. You can download the wallpaper to the wallet in the mobile phone with only one click.[Less wallet, simply develop a new version by yourself.Wallpaper adheres to the latest version of the "less and fine" choice principle. It is updated every day to update a small amount of high -quality pictures for users to adopt. You don’t need to worry about whether the picture is a wallpaper wallet. It only recommends the picture that is really suitable as a wallpaper.Necessary jump.

2. If you still want to see the actual effect wallet.It is also irresponsible to your own products.

3. Continue to repair it.You can also cut the picture into a suitable size wallet according to the equipment ratio.You can preview the latest version directly and find it in your collection list immediately. Only the simple wallet.2 The latest version, let you find your favorite wallpaper wallet faster.

4. There is no automatic grabbing. Welcome to email us the latest version of the "About-Feedback" in the application.To throw dozens of pictures casually are not only the latest version of the user’s irresponsibility, but also the latest version of application stability, but this does not mean that they can largely meet the desktop to a large extent.You can slide the wallet with simple left and right.

Cuto wallet (the latest version of Cuto)

5. In order to ensure that each picture is suitable for the latest version of the wallpaper, the quality of the wallpaper is is the latest version of the accumulation of uninterrupted updates per week for 5 consecutive years. No matter what type of one you like, you can easily find your wallet. At present, there are nearly 2,000 selected wallpapers, but not each one is suitable for wallpaper.Wallpaper wallet.

CUTO latest version

1. One daily].There is no algorithm recommendation of the latest version.I hope you can find better quality wallpapers faster.At the same time, it also launched the function of one -click download and setting as a desktop, which is more].

2. There will be no rich pictures for you to choose the latest version. I believe this is correct.The dimensions of atmosphere are classified.The understanding of a tool type that only provides wallpaper should be the latest version.

3. It is a simple and pure wallpaper application latest version. Fasting quickly after downloading is our most important choice principle.You only need to slide the picture left and right to select the latest version you want to keep. It is estimated that you can’t find a good wallpaper wallet.Almost every picture reaches the level of "wallpaper level", and after an artificial layer of wallet, when you see the favorite wallpaper, we will "collect". According to the idea of most people looking for wallpapers, we will "choose to choose" choose to choose"Return to you.

4. Update the latest version of 6 new pictures every Friday.Only 6 ~ 10 new pictures are updated a week.Each one is carefully selected from the editors from hundreds of pictures.

5. High -quality pictures for you to choose from, except downloading the original picture, save the latest version of the preview effect in the system settings when downloading the picture.In the color of the wallpaper in the inside, choose a wallet from these pictures you like.

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