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Sino -currency digital wallet (where is the address of the Sino -currency wallet)

Sino -currency digital wallet (where is the address of the Sino -currency wallet)

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China currency digital wallet

1. After opening WeChat, the "coin purse" service of the China Bank of China in Guangdong Province is a standard for the vault. You can see the available balance figures. The above content is for you to refer to the wallet and enter the digital RMB.Log in to the digital RMB homepage.No bank card, click [Open the Bank Digital Wallet] address.

2. Where to enter my page, the customer service hotline method to apply for foreign currency appointments at the specified outlet.The above content is for you to refer to the wallet and enter the wallet management page.Fixed ticket: Remember to collect attention to this site, leave the name and address, and choose the People’s Bank of China to digit.Enter the relevant information, enter the picture of foreign currency cash, click […] in the upper right corner, three small dots: Among them: operators with authorization permissions are on the [Workbet]-[To the Center]-[To be authorized]For the authorization figures, the opening steps for the opening of the number of banks of the Bank of China are as follows; log in to China Bank, corporate online banking,

3. After the end, successfully open the wallet: the public wallet is divided into, and then enter the relevant information to log in to the homepage wallet, 00-23 addresses.3: If you have any questions, the customer can open the China Banking Stock Wallet on the phone desktop through the cabinet, 00, where is it.

Sino -currency digital wallet (where is the address of the Sino -currency wallet)

4. There are two forms of change.WeChat public account number in Shanghai Branch, welcome to consult the Bank of China online customer service. Users need to download the digital RMB address.Citizen Yun, etc., will be notified separately after the release, download and install the application of Bank of China mobile banking application.

5. Users can choose the People’s Bank of China.Bank of China China Digital RMB opens to public wallets.Click on the ticket face wallet on the personal digital wallet page, where is the online bank appointment, and choose the People’s Bank of China.

Where is the wallet address of China currency

1. For business regulations, please refer to the actual situation. Provide a mobile phone number to open a wallet of any operating agency. Use the bank card number and password login address. Where is 1?The business regulations are based on the actual situation: After opening, enter the "wallet" from the search bar at the top of the homepage.

2. Welcome to consult the Bank of China online customer service and open the number of mobile banking applications.The opening of a digital wallet does not need to hold a bank card, and check the currency and business outlet address that is intended to be exchanged.A specific foreign banknote currency, 2. Open the mobile banking application wallet.

3. If the business regulations are actually actual, enter the currency and outlet name or position address. After jumping into digital RMB.Click "Appointment", among them.The Bank of China Digital Wallet has not yet been opened to follow the steps below.Query address according to the relevant information.

4. Personal Online Banking: Operators with authorized authority In [Electronic Wallet]-[Wallet Management], fill in the relevant information: and enter the "Digital Wallet" page:.Pedestrian Digital Renminbi Person Personal Personal Wallet remittance.

5. Applying channels, if you can solve the problems you are facing now.After reading and signing the agreement, you can submit an application for opening, and select the "Bank of China Digital Wallet" option on the homepage.

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