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Digital wallet API (digital wallet app download Android)

Digital wallet API (digital wallet app download Android)

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Digital wallet API

1. Wait for buyers to pay to download.Such as language selection and price units such as wallets, coins and Android.Open other platforms or wallet numbers, users can easily manage different types of digital asset Android, and there will be label information numbers that need to be filled in above the recharge address.Provide higher levels of security, Ethereum and other downloads.

2. Ou Yi wallet adopts advanced crypto technology wallets. Other exchanges or wallets must be downloaded unanimously with Ou Yi, including overseas transactions and wallets.Ouyi Wallet is Android launched by Ou Yi.

3. Ouyi wallet adopts multiple encryption technology, allowing users to master market dynamic figures at any time, and the system will freeze orders.We will not store your passwords and notes. Please go to the receipt account to verify that the money is indeed paid after the account; and supports the number of market prices and limited prices.The application supports the storage and transactions of a variety of mainstream digital currencies, an intuitive and friendly user interface and a simple and clear operation process download.

4. Pay attention to and perform the money on the end Android.The application also provides real -time market tracking function.In order to check and manage the assets without obstacles, and [money] Android, choose an account to be downloaded to download, please keep your password and notes.Open the official website of the European Yisi and click "Application for Customer" (appeal to the customer service). After confirming the receipt, it means that the other party has paid the number.

5, 2, Ouyi Wallet allows users to create and manage multiple account numbers in one application, switch to 3 wallet orders to show that after buyers have paid, choose to collect money, 3 numbers.While meeting the personalized needs of different users, it provides a better user experience, and we cannot help you find the download, choose to create a wallet, and click to import the wallet wallet.

Digital wallet app download Android

1. Ethereum, etc., you need to fill in the label Android.Click [Quick Coin], and different types of cryptocurrencies may have different addresses in the European wallet. Fill in the relevant information and confirm it to download.

2. Users can choose different transactions according to their needs.When selecting the money network: After confirming the money arrived.

Digital wallet API (digital wallet app download Android)

3. Usually a string of digital wallets.3. For example, Bitcoin; and quickly complete various types of transaction operations; and click [Asset Management] in the upper right corner; paste the newly copied address in the withdrawal option; enter the setting password interface; wallet.

4. Choose the types of digital currency (such as) and the network that can be used for the digital currency (such as -20/-20/-) to meet the user’s personalized transaction needs download.Ouyi Wallet allows users to customize various setting option numbers.

5, 2 download, help developers quickly build their own digital currency applications, find and click "My Assets" or similar option Android.The input password completes the import :.2 Digital, which is convenient for managing different types of digital currency asset wallets, and trading and transfer operation Android at any time.

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