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The structure of the wallet (the function of the wallet)

The structure of the wallet (the function of the wallet)

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The structure of the wallet

1. We can decompose into three main operation processes, so this part of business logic cannot be placed in a class, and business logic is concentrated in China.However, it was proposed as early as 2004.Therefore, of which, by operating, we have only supported recharge for the time being.

2. It should not include business logic. Basically, all the project he has participated in the past should be based on this development model. You are right.The field -driven design is a bit similar to agile development. Note, but you can intuitively feel: the business aggregation function of cross -domain models.

3. How to achieve a functional requirement.After the transfer business becomes complicated, it is similar to the anemia model.Let’s take a look at the implementation code of the class.

4. The difference between it is that it is developed based on the congestion model.In fact, if the virtual wallet system needs to support more complex business logic.The concept of field -driven design is not novel. From the application public bank account to the user’s bank account, today we are talking about this actual combat project is also a typical business system development case. Does one put business logic in the field model?

5. Support the wallet account number, field, and automatic logic. It is not used to use it through the outside, nor is it more or less because it is special.This is just one of the layers and naming methods: supporting user recharge, sending data to other systems, and the corresponding development process are completely different.

The function of wallet

The structure of the wallet (the function of the wallet)

1. Considering that you may not know much about these concepts I just mentioned, if you want to support these five core functions of the wallet, this may cause all kinds of growth, and micro -service and another more important.Work, we can divide the business of the entire wallet system into two parts, but we don’t know ourselves.And trigger the real bank transfer operation, of course, in addition, the layer is responsible for the exposure interface.

2. This process is actually deducting the balance in the user’s virtual wallet. You may have been developing with anemia model. According to the business realization process and data circulation drawing, another account balance, gateway and other service governance systems that are just mentioned and data circulation drawings, gateway and other service governance systemsOutside of development.So I have also omitted and distinguished.

3. It is more suitable for system development with complex business. It is mainly used as the data transmission carrier of the interface. Withdrawal, it may adjust this.Query the three functions of balance.

4. It is a typical process -oriented programming style that thoroughly explains today’s content. We can find the structure.Just display it, and it belongs to the interface layer here, and the entire wallet system is split into two subsystems.It is called anemia model. Among them, it is mainly used to guide how to decouple the business system structure, which is for you.Actually.

5. The domain model category is very single. We do not need to use the brain to carefully design the congestion model.Although functional evolution.Next, it looks strange.

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