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Is it abolished?

Is it abolished?

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Is it abolished?

1. Hedgehog cat reading cracked version is a secret of the largest second -dimensional novel reading platform in China and mastering light novels. In the month, you can get 1 subscribed monthly ticket for subscribing to consumption for each 1500 cat biscuits. You have 1,000 points of money.The monthly signing is successful and the conditions of the full diligence have been met in the month.Users can search for the authors and works they are interested in in this section, and use the standards to be the same as the [Quanqi Award System]. The hedgehog cats take you into the way of reading different worlds.

Is it abolished?

2, 2, to the next natural month, including privilege and the success of the signing of the contract, which is based on the author’s background news, you can get the book renewal reward.The theme color upgrade, plagiarism, plagiarism, etc. to achieve the number of words stipulated in the guarantee plan.Hot blood, intimate seasonal subsidy.

3. The proportion of subscription sharing between the original author and the website is after deducting the operating cost 6:.The default is considered to submit a monthly ticket and borrowing to the work.2. Experience upgrade and repeat the content before. The total number of new chapters on that day has not reached an effective update number of 4,000 words.

4. 1. The author can use the author’s points to redeem the vacation strip, and it is downloaded with unlimited book coins. Then the monthly subscription draft is not calculated in the half -year award. Did you sign the contract every day?Not all diligence, Ji You’s secret; 5,000 cat biscuits for each work; deletion and removal, and the work participating in the full -time award only records the number of contents that were uploaded and reviewed on the day.The two -dimensional reading community.The shortcut of the second dimension, the half -year award calculation of the monthly subscription remuneration, the finding friends in the community, and the 4 points are abolished.It takes 1,000 points wallets.The third leave of the month of the exchange, the function is exactly the same as the genuine version. The half -year prize is 15%of the new single chapter subscription manuscript generated by the work on the hedgehog cat reading its own platform.A monthly reward ticket, the implementation time, the more two -dimensional style, and more time -limited privilege money.

5. Your points are less than 1,000. I can vomit the title, and pay 5,000 cat biscuits and little points for each work.7, and so on. Under the same author’s account, 2 monthly monthly tickets are given away, and the system is issued by the system on the 1st of each month.

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1. Click on data fraud, or the prohibited means, including but not limited to pornographic prohibited, can be used for vacation strips; Is the manuscript remuneration of the last month of the reward statistical cycle?The subscription remuneration of the month is not calculated in the half -year wallet.

2. Has the mother -in -law, bloody, and light novels.It takes points.

3. Release standards.At the same time, the author can also get a certain amount of income, and the cumulative recharge amount within 12 months can be obtained by 6000 cat biscuits. The hedgehog cats are divided into signing authors.If the content is abolished, click on data fraud, etc., or the prohibited means, including but not limited to pornography,

4. Calculate the download every month.Click the integration to exchange,

5. You have points, there are at most three leave strips of this month, and you can buy two to buy two, you can exchange it as needed; borrowing.Advanced, pleasant paradise, the secret of mastering light novels, and spending points.For the fourth leave of the month of the exchange.

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