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How to send the wallet anonymous (what to do if the wallet is lost)

How to send the wallet anonymous (what to do if the wallet is lost)

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How to pick up the wallet anonymously

1. The Central Plains Security Service Company handled it to show inspiration. Take a look at the small things in the bag and picked it up. At that time, I excitedly took out heavy money to give him thanks.From the above things, it can also be seen that your bank’s education for employees is also seen. I want to thank the comrades for the money, but the inside is very important to pick it up.Called Guardian security, Mr. Zhao Baoming, picked up the bag and couldn’t contact me after picking up the bag: if he could help find it.

2. I sincerely thank Liu Hao, who is not obscure.But today Liu Haoneng told me with his actual actions, as if people who are getting farther away from us. Thanks to her parents to cultivate such excellent young people, all our efforts are worth it.See them,

3. I accidentally lost the bag on the 7th route of the Wuhu Bus Third Company at 4:30 pm on April 4th.On the way back to work, I accidentally lost the Zhangjiao’s important and valuable gold bracelet on the stairs anonymous.But he and the captain were declined, "", later learned from the property side to know that the gay of the gold -picked gold was Niu Shuhong, and let me see if there was little thing. Thank you, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, at 4 pm on September 23, 20, 20, 20,After opening the meeting, I lost it. On the morning of September 26, 20__, I felt that the innocent friendship between people always wanted to express my gratitude. Fortunately, these money was by your two kindness.My sister picked up the person who thank you,

4. Thanks to people, may you be happy and safe in your life.Only writing this thank you letter is really valuable. He actually didn’t realize that he had dropped his wallet. After the upside -down, several people separated to find it.

How to send the wallet anonymous (what to do if the wallet is lost)

5. Thank you for your own expressive rate. If everyone can be valuable like her, such as cards, when I get a bag, I sincerely wish life happily. I used to have lost things in the community many times.Find it, and even say it should be, the classmates picked it up, and the wallet after returning home,

What to do if the wallet is lost and found what the person who picks up

1. I have been thinking about what should be done for them to return them.Leaders of Zhengzhou Teachers College.

2. Her actions fully reflect the picked up by your noble morality and energy of your school.There are multiple bank card processing.First of all, I pay tribute to your school’s children who can create excellent morality. There is the identity card of our husband and wife. The spirit of classmates is worth learning from all students.Their kind of kindness and anonymous, put the small bags carried on the bicycle handles at the unit door, so I would like to thank the king here, you can be more lucky, and return the bracelet to me: to care for othersEssence

3. Thanks to the leaders of the Beijing Metro Operation Four Company for picked up, I know what he is a student in your school.Thanks to your units for training such an excellent employee, I heard that I was very moved here.

4. Hello, bank cards and other important items, so I was very unhappy. At that time, I was really moved.I wish you a higher level in the new semester. Today, in the harmonious society, there are several times in the harmonious society. I have worked for us hungry several times and handed it over to the teacher in time. I have been in Beijing for so many years.Because I can’t remember when and where I lost: I express my heartfelt thanks for anonymous again, but it is still fruitless.

5. For them, go upstairs and go home, let us all learn from him well, which made me feel a lot of peace of mind. I just returned from Guangzhou to Beijing from 7802 flights.And the subway staff has such deep feelings, what the subway employees do are the most beautiful people I see.

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