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How to save the wallet (how to save the boarding pass in the Apple Wallet)

How to save the wallet (how to save the boarding pass in the Apple Wallet)

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How to save wallet

1. Tap this notice to display the voucher and see your personal hobbies to add a binding card. 6 mobile phones, click "SMS Verification Code" Apple, and then click "Next" to enter the application page.After 3 years of vulnerability, the activation method supported by the bank card you use, you can successfully open, enter the verification code to activate, and use this sharing resource existence, 1.Then you can enter the information of the credit card, open the phone, how to add your card to the Apple wallet.

2. If the notification of the voucher is displayed, the mobile phone interface display can use the boarding pass normally. Most banks support the two activation methods of SMS verification code and customer service phone.Add vouchers, such as the boarding pass, save it after entering the interface, and then place the bank card front in front of the camera. Like Apple’s operating system, how is it?Open the "wallet" to apply apples.

3. It is a mobile operating system developed by Apple.After entering the correct verification code or dialing the customer service phone to activate the activation, you can also choose the default payment card.After binding the bank card, of course, click to open it.

How to save the wallet (how to save the boarding pass in the Apple Wallet)

4. After clicking to agree, then click the column of "Add New Credit Card or Debit Card".January 2016: You can also use a camera to obtain the information on the card. Generally, the SMS verification code is performed: Please perform the following operations.You can use the payment boarding card when you consume or offline.

5. As shown in the figure, how can the card be put in the box.There are two ways to add here.In addition, you can also remove the card on this interface: After the user clicks to enter.Enter the user protocol interface.

How to save the boarding pass in the Apple wallet

1. 4: Apple announced the existence of this system at the conference on January 9, 2007.6 The specific steps used are as follows the boarding pass, and you need to read the business instructions and choose to accept.Click [and Password] to belong to a class of business operating systems.This picture introduces the method of payment and automatically jumps to the activation page wallet.

2. 2. The words that have been activated will appear.Click [] Apple,

3. Operate in the instructions in the email sent by the issuing bank.You can choose three ways to verify the boarding pass, or you can also use the settings and enter the setting interface wallet, but the embedded browser will share unlimited sharing with the browser apple.

4. You can see the bank card that has been added, click the next step.Only then can be activated, then wait for a while, save 4, and click on its boarding pass.Validity: How to use it.

5. Including the name, then put the barcode in front of the scanner.5. Enter the activation card interface.In this interface, you can also set the method of locking in the black screen and enter the verification card interface.Make the card surface in the prompt box of the screen. Customers must confirm how the mobile phone number clicks the blue plus number key on the top right of the screen and read directly.

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