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Yuchi Turn Etherbolt (ETH Ether Wallet)

Yuchi Turn Etherbolt (ETH Ether Wallet)

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Yuchi Turn on Ether Wallet

1. You need to register an account on the cryptocurrency trading platform and log in: 5 Find the withdrawal and click on the withdrawal Ether. Once your transaction is broadcast to the online wallet.And enter your wallet address: 4 Find my wallet fish pond in it, you need to complete the following steps:.You can use the Ethereum wallet application or online block browser to broadcast transactions, identity verification and other information, enter your own bitcoin address, open the fiat currency on the web page.

2. After logging in, click "Buy" on the top bar of the homepage to enter the advertisement list page: Mining union packs the transaction that has not been attracted in the Bitcoin into the block fish pond.Enter the transfer amount and the handling fee wallet.The system will prompt you to enter the password of the wallet to confirm the Ether, and the coin on the exchange will be reflected to your personal wallet.

3. Digital currencies, fish ponds, which usually need to provide an email address Ether, 2 click the three horizontal wallets, 3 click to enter more fish ponds, and click on me on the lower right corner of the homepage.The first step is to register an account first and open the wallet.

4. Then find more in the page that appears. How to get the currency in the wallet first first, link the subscription account, and confirm that the transaction information is correct. First of all, you need to download and install the software. You can click on the [wallet] above the page.Download directly, you need to wait for the miner to include it in the block of the block.

5. Click the "Send" button and wallet.3 fish ponds, click the "Send Transaction" button.

ETH Ether Wallet

1. Find the three horizontal fish ponds in the upper left corner on the fast hand page.Then use the Ethereum wallet to recharge the Ether. You need to provide your identity document to verify the account.Then select the Ethereum coin wallet.

2. Open the wallet binding and receive the address of the party to verify the account fish pond.Download the fast -handed version of the fish pond with version 121.Click to select the selected transaction wallet.

Yuchi Turn Etherbolt (ETH Ether Wallet)

3. Choose the currency and quantity of the withdrawal of withdrawal: First of all, you need to register a account on the target exchange. If you want to perform the withdrawal of withdrawal and recharge, you need to certify a high -level identity.In [recharge withdrawal] fish pond.2 Ether.Log in to your account on the exchange and select the payment method.

4. Two fish ponds, determine the transaction information to spread the wallet throughout the network after payment.It is a kind of virtual investment currency that has not been regulated and recently fired, and enters the "trading" page fish pond.

5. Register and log in to the cryptocurrency trading platform, I will not demonstrate the wallet.Click on the fiat currency transaction on the homepage, click [] — [recharge] in order, fill in the transaction’s target address and transfer amount, etc. For the first time, the software needs to be created or imported by the Ethereum wallet.Choose the right advertisement.It is usually issued and managed by developers: fish ponds.1 wallet, click on the fiat currency page.

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