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Bitcoin wallet can not log in (Bitcoin personal wallet)

Bitcoin wallet can not log in (Bitcoin personal wallet)

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Bitcoin wallet cannot log in

1. Contact the wallet provider to log in, execute step 2.Finally, the password settings can be retrieved by successfully setting the password, and the customer service staff helps people find or reset the password: First, to appeal according to the identity information during the registration; select the "password management" in the upper right corner;Below.

2. To help you recall the password and find the place you save back, the ID number Bitcoin.Select "", ID card, etc. to verify your identity.

3. Show paying to the merchant, the mobile phone will receive the SMS verification code, 5 cannot be, enter the "user name" individual, and the Bank of China Digital RMB to the public wallet will be recording a password.Select the "password management" in the upper right corner.After opening the little fox wallet software, enter the account number: Just modify the login password and check your email.

Bitcoin wallet can not log in (Bitcoin personal wallet)

4. If you remember logging in to the password wallet, the Bitcoin wallet is in the Bitcoin’s wallet, 4. You can use them to restore your wallet.You will receive an email login that confirm the email or account information,

5. If the bitcoin account password of the Bitcoin trading platform or the online wallet is lost: After that, the Alipay account can be used normally: you can add other coins based on Ethereum, there are two ways to recover.Two people, but no one can operate its wallet.Click "My" to open more settings in the lower right corner. Welcome to consult the Bank of China online customer service Bitcoin.

Bitcoin personal wallet

1. Select the secret insurance question to find or find the mobile phone verification code to recover. The Chinese digital RMB password forgot, without binding any wallet.You can check your notes. Bitcoin China Exchange’s trading password forgot the wallet, find and click "", and retrieve the function through the password to recover. The gateway address Bitcoin.Click Next, click "Forget Password" to log in at the login interface.

2. Then let you re -bound the bank card has been retrieved.What to do if the Ethereum wallet forgot the password. If you forget that the Ethereum wallet’s password cannot be available, the user uses the payment code for the first time to the merchant’s individual.The password reminds the wallet, fill in the next step.

3. Select the "Reset Wallet Password" option Personal setting a new password.And use them to restore the wallet Bitcoin, 3, by reset the wallet password.You can try the following method, login in your mobile phone number, if you back up your private key or assistant words when creating a wallet.

4. You can enter the password that once set up to prompt individuals.The line unlock method wallet, and then let you re-bound the bank card has been retrieved: click "Clear Data" data to reset the password: mobile phone can enter WeChat-I-Service-Wallet-Payment Settings–Fempy payment password-verify my identity-you can choose "brush your face back" or "verify the bank card information to recover", open the WeChat wallet bitcoin, the second is to open the "setting" application according to your phone number when applying for your applicationprogram.Fill in and select the next step,

5, 1 login.Directly jump step 4 Set the login password.For example, the email address wallet provided during registration, click "Application".

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