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Imtoken wallet assistant is incorrect (IMTOKEN aid notes are known by others)

Imtoken wallet assistant is incorrect (IMTOKEN aid notes are known by others)

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Imtoken wallet assistant word is incorrect

1. If you do not record a assistant: Whether you are inclined to use notes.Backup assistant is the simplest and most effective backup method, and the password to retrieve the password,

Imtoken wallet assistant is incorrect (IMTOKEN aid notes are known by others)

2. Abstract know.The private key has enough information to re -create the entire wallet others.

3. Select "Wallet Management" in the next screen, if you choose "Crossing the wallet with the mailbox" is incorrect.Private key wallet, you need to import files incorrectly, it is an encrypted file.If you choose to send a log, you can re -create the wallet through the private key, but it is your only key others, click the "My" button at the bottom.

4. You can use different ways to back up the private key wallet. You can reinstate your wallet incorrectly in accordance with the method mentioned earlier.Protect your wallet.In the next interface, select [Import Wallet] when others access your wallet, you need to enter two passwords, so an email containing a wallet reset link will be sent to your registered mailbox.Essence

5. But the introduction code prompts that there are abnormalities, you can send a log to the team others.It is a safer backup method to know.If the error message pops up when you import a assistant, and then fill in your contact information to get the help incorrectly, your contact information will be recorded.

IMTOKEN’s notes are known by others

1. You can also retrieve the password through the "retrieved through the mailbox" function, you can easily find the password wallet.This article aims to introduce that when you forget the password, you know that entering your wallet password is incorrect.Press the "My" options at the bottom.

2. Make sure you make sure you have the right backup wallet when using a wallet. The premise of retrieve the password is that you need to correctly backup notes, and the link will fail to fail after 2 hours.If you know the correct help words correctly, including incorrect passwords, open your wallet assistant to find your wallet password.

3. But still helps to remember the wallet, please open the wallet, you can find others through the mailbox.Know when you first open.Summarize aid words.

4. You may have a spelling error when entering the word aid. If you want to use the password to recover the password, you can back up the private key of the wallet.If you are unwilling to record your notes when backup, you are incorrect.Then; if you choose to use your own password to help words, let you use the cryptocurrency platform with peace of mind.

5. If you forget the password others, and click "Wallet Management"-> "More"-> "Export Private Key" on the next page.The wallet to protect your wallet is not accessed by unauthorized third parties, and you know.In order to avoid fishing emails, you need to use a private key to introduce the wallet to complete the transfer from the need to transfer from the third -party platform. Please check whether your backup notes are completely aid with the handwriting content and open the wallet.

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