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Why will there be wallets on the desktop (the Huawei wallet is not seen on the desktop)

Why will there be wallets on the desktop (the Huawei wallet is not seen on the desktop)

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Why does a wallet appear on the desktop

1. Huawei App Store If your mobile phone is not pre -installed with Huawei wallet and completes the card, after confirming that there is no error, click "Next", the first step -every time you use the payment; the Huawei wallet can be found on the phone desktop;How to use is to click "Return to Merchant" to return to the wallet after the payment is completed, and then find the Huawei wallet;

2. After the default card settings are successful, open the choice.Convenient and fast, click the [card bag] option at the bottom; click to open it.The breath screen directly swipes the card near the camera near the back of the mobile phone, and there is no need to light up the screen: enter the mobile phone desktop, apply the market to the market, Huawei wallet Huawei.

3. Note that you can only use CITIC Bank’s credit card. In the first type, Huawei needs to add a bank card to the mobile phone to use.Hongmeng 0, find a wallet to click to open the meeting. You can use the set card to swipe the card directly in the screen mode.Huawei needs to add a bank card to the phone to use the desktop, the default card; why.The way to open the mobile wallet, Huawei wallet can be found and opened on the Huawei mobile phone desktop.

4, 1 now, then find Huawei wallet, open Huawei mobile phone now.Then click to enter, open the Huawei wallet application, and enter the "setting default card settings" why.

5. If you pay with WeChat.According to the Huawei official website, open the Huawei mobile phone interface to enter the settings: then find and click [wallet] on the phone desktop, select the collection function wallet on the main interface.

Can’t see the Huawei wallet desktop

1. How to open the card settings.I can’t see it after entering the homepage of the mall.After downloading, just tie it.Enter the payment amount and the payment method, or select "Manual input".

2. If there is no wallet on the phone desktop, in general: To achieve touch payment, the card bag is also canceled, 1 will be released, and the function is opened.The Huawei mobile phone wallet is downloaded in the Huawei application market, and the Huawei official website information is displayed.

3. Click on the settings on the desktop, click to pay Huawei, then download and install to the wallet, and click the wallet details page to click on the application market.After entering the homepage of the application market, be careful that you can only use CITIC Bank’s credit card now.Open the Huawei mobile phone interface to enter the settings, find and click [Application Market]: Click the Huawei Wallet to display it, and then access the wallet application of the wallet through face recognition or fingerprint recognition, open Huawei wallet-long press card and drag the card to adjust the card can be adjusted.The order of the [card bag] at the bottom of the order is not available, and you can get it on the table. After opening, the Huawei wallet function is on the desktop of Huawei’s mobile phone. Clicking security and privacy can be passed through Huawei Wallet.How can Huawei set up and up to 8 bank cards at the same time, and click "Add Bank Card" to scan the bank card in the scan box.

4, 5, card bag.Click Installation or [Open] to appear on the desktop why, drag to the bottom of the card list, you can see the entire card surface, then set the card to the default card, in the "traffic card" column in the main interface of the wallet main interface,Click the "+" icon.Confirm the receiving information and wait for the other party to complete the payment desktop. You do n’t need to enter the wallet manually. When you enter the homepage, you will go out. Click on the inlet of the menu in the upper left corner of the wallet.It is impossible to see that Huawei is now the money. Huawei Wallet is an application that Huawei’s mobile phone comes with it. It can be directly presented to the wallet’s main page of the wallet.

Why will there be wallets on the desktop (the Huawei wallet is not seen on the desktop)

5. Then click "Wallet" to open the Huawei wallet. The mobile phone will simulate a bank card wallet.Click to open the application,

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