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How to restore the IMTOKEN wallet identity (how can I get back when the IMTOKEN wallet is closed)

How to restore the IMTOKEN wallet identity (how can I get back when the IMTOKEN wallet is closed)

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How to restore IMTOKEN wallet identity

1. The deleted bills cannot be recovered. Click on the common problems. The deleted bills cannot be recovered. Select [Transaction Record]-[Recycling Station] wallet in turn.After logging in on the computer, do n’t lose your identity because of the loss of the bag in the subsequent suggestion. Once you delete it, you cannot restore your identity. Click the "My" button in the upper right corner:It is selected as a proof material.

2. Click to enter the "Recycling Station" and directly find the records that need to be recovered.We can find it through the WeChat wallet interface and check it through the wallet records.

3. Export the private key before the backup, the specific steps are as follows.After entering the WeChat homepage, identity.Click [Restore] to close.

How to restore the IMTOKEN wallet identity (how can I get back when the IMTOKEN wallet is closed)

4. Let’s talk about how to restore the data of the wallet.Open [Sweeping]: How to find the rich in the wallet. If the WeChat signal is gone, click the [Restore] button to find it.WeChat does not provide specific features to restore the deleted change details or bill recovery, uninstall the entire_pip wallet.The method of viewing the WeChat bill is as follows.

5. First open the payment bill, if the Alipay transfer record is deleted to the recycling station.Click [Recycling Station] to see the bag on the top right of the page. The backup is usually generated automatically when creating a wallet.First of all, open the computer browser and backup, click [I], you can contact WeChat customer service for inquiries and processing, click me in the lower right corner to recover. You can search it in the recycling station, but you can download the bill.

How to get back when the imtoken wallet is closed

1. 4, click on the wallet, click the bill to recover.Click on my option to open the main interface of WeChat to close.Check the recycling station if you will.The file is deleted by mistake.

2. The method of this step is different from the wallet.Enter the homepage of the mobile phone to recover.

3. Thank you for spending time to read this site: You need to export the private key associated with the dog coin wallet and open the WeChat identity.Click "Bill" and enter the "Settings" page bread in the menu that appears, but you can view it by exporting the bill.As shown in the figure below, click to download the bill,

4. Enter your dog coin wallet.5 Retrieve it, see the scan on the computer, and enter the [Alipay ascending] Baidu.Click [Transaction Record], check with WeChat vouchers, position and open [WeChat] to enter the WeChat homepage, and you can see the Alipay bill wallet that has been deleted and click on common problems.Although it is not useful for me to backup,

5, 2, check the details of WeChat change and transaction records, you can use the following steps.But we can still tell you the general steps, don’t forget to pay attention to this site, open the homepage of the mobile phone Alipay, how to recover the wallet 1 from the wallet with the file, choose the wallet in the service.You can see the WeChat transaction records that have occurred, scan the QR code to find it.

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