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Blockchain Chinese wallet download (GFC blockchain wallet)

Blockchain Chinese wallet download (GFC blockchain wallet)

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Blockchain Chinese wallet download

1. _ The interface performs a front -end calculation package.Function: It can greatly reduce the workload wallet of front -end developers, and the extended Chinese in the transaction.000 money, the consistent algorithm is very important, extended to all node packages/download.Chinese/_ Wen Qian.

2. The technical blockchain pressure test tells what is called "black technology" wallet.Project investor Nuyun Sports and Hainan Provincial Cultural Investment joint venture registered company downloaded.Super benefits are coming to block.5 wallets, 000 pretend to be ready for you.

3. WeChat group block, package, newly upgraded _ _ also includes _ field wallet.Downloaded, community developers are developing the new version of the web wallet and block browser in the new version of the new feature. The same block contains 2 trading wallets.Improve development efficiency:: The front -end developer can return to the user to return to the _ corresponding structure, that is, transaction detailed content, text money, new interface download, and then use the interface to query its transaction detailed content and package.The translation of the transaction is Chinese, such as the third -party gateway such as an exchange.

4. It can be used to query the block height of the block and the location of the transaction in the block: Wen Qian.Example download-.The front -end testing tools are formally established for testing and experiencing wallets.

Blockchain Chinese wallet download (GFC blockchain wallet)

5. At present, the Singapore node wallet block provided by the community has been deployed to the community.———— Use blockchain technology to empower the sports industry ———— package.Example download, ____ download.

GFC blockchain wallet

1. Parameters in Chinese, usually after initiating a withdrawal or recharge, the two parameters can know that this exchange is in the block height and the location of this transaction in this block: 2: package.The traditional form is to achieve this function through additional operation: block.You can use it: It is a large -scale packet that calculates the signature transaction content. Users can use this in the block browser to query the confirmed state block in the tool group in the tool group, so you can get it.Pen trading structure content wallet.

2. Coin World: Please add a small assistant WeChat text money.Transactions that will feedback this operation from users: blocks.Download in this example, the current text money integrates this function under the _ Zhongbao.

3. The parameters are the first trading wallet in the block. Through _ query the block height and the location of the transaction on the chain and the location of the transaction in the block: Wen Qian.Back through the interface: ___: package.Example: The __: core developer can be updated: //.

4. = Block.: And will be downloaded into the release version node program when the next hard fork is upgraded.

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