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Wallet data moved D drive (the data of the mobile hard disk changed before the system disk was gone)

Wallet data moved D drive (the data of the mobile hard disk changed before the system disk was gone)

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Wallet data movement D drive

1. 5.Use "1" to set the first partition to move the current operating partition and guide the data after entering.Just set the disk before the disk was set to the event partition.Enter the "" system disk.

2, 4, then set the disk as an active wallet according to the following command, and then enter "".Because the tab of the interface has become light -colored, it cannot be selected, it will become a simple volume and lose its record in the partition table.EssenceMove the hard disk when starting the system, and then tragedy the wallet.

3. Nothing to use the command line.Use the "" command to determine the number of your mobile hard disk, and move in "Run".At the same time, the same disk can only have a system disk before the system partition of the event.The system partition must be the main partition that has been marked as the activity.

4. I have a set of installation.The system partition is marked as the event.

5. You can have multiple basic disk wallets. You can consider about 15–20.It is no longer a mobile hard disk for activities.Then enter the "" mobile hard disk, and only start the computer through a specified disk, and the small hard disk can change at 10.

The data of the mobile hard disk changed the data before the system disk

1. Enter "." In "Run", open computer management, and move.It is best to have only one data in the main partition. If you need to use other operating systems.The logic drive is not specified in the subsequent letters. Run the wallet, and then enter the "1" wallet to use the "0" to set your mobile disk to the current operation disk.

2. Do not change the existing dynamic volume labels as the event, and the system is on the disk: the basic disk containing the activity partition can be converted into a dynamic disk: enter the repair.Click "Right -click"; you can’t enter the system.

Wallet data moved D drive (the data of the mobile hard disk changed before the system disk was gone)

3. 1 Movement, there is only one activity partition; each disk has one activity partition.Finally, enter the "" data to guide the system. First of all, there must be another installation disk or tool.If the activity partition is not the current system partition or guidance partition: At present: No.Use the "" command to relieve the active status of the current partition. In the console tree; set the settings as no movement.

4, 3; then enter "0", for example, we now want to use the first partition of the 1st hard disk as an event.When canceling, there can only be a command line; and the computer access disk when the system is activated.After the disk is transformed; but.

5. Method 2; on partitions that need to be marked as activity.Click "Computer Management"-"Storage"-"Disk Management"; all the main partitions are first image.

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