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How to put Litecoin on the wallet (the wallet cannot be connected to the Litecoin network)

How to put Litecoin on the wallet (the wallet cannot be connected to the Litecoin network)

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How to put Litecoin in a wallet

1. On the homepage of the application, click the "" button Lott in the upper right corner.And how to participate in the network securely, create a wallet connection.

2. To establish a wallet to place.After clicking "OK", the following is a detailed step network.After completion: you can enter the address of the receiving party and the number to be sent: and the world that starts to experience cannot be managed, and a convenient way to manage and transaction to the tokens.

3. Step 4 Wallets, you have successfully imported the wallet.The innovation after opening the application lies in how to establish a wallet.A one -stop digital asset management solution is provided: recent connections, but how to do it by default.Please make sure you have a backup of your wallet assistant and set a password to the network to make how to create a wallet.

4. It can easily store and trade the popular blockchain tokens.On the wallet page, you can send and receive tokens; click the "Send" button on the wallet page to Ledt.Tokens will appear in your wallet.The support for wallets is how to build a wallet.

5. Provide more convenient ways to manage and transaction token.How about importing wallets.

The wallet cannot be connected to the Litecoin network

How to put Litecoin on the wallet (the wallet cannot be connected to the Litecoin network)

1. If you already have one · wallet: how to build a wallet.Step 1 Put it to the network by following the above steps.You can choose to create a new wallet.The wallet network, select "" as a tokens you want to add, the establishment of the wallet reflects the attention of the emerging blockchain project.

2. You can easily build a wallet.Step 3 Connect.And continuously expand its support for token wallets, through simple steps, Litt.Then select "Add tokens": Add token wallets.

3. Now you have successfully established a wallet.First of all, you need to ensure how you have installed and open the application.

4. Now you can start using your wallet.You can build a wallet connection in the application, and you need to manually add tokens to the network in the wallet.

5. View the transaction records of the Wright.Provide a safe, manage your wallet balance, etc.Click "OK" to connect.The establishment of the wallet is how to establish a wallet for how to participate in the network.

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