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1. But if there is no backup, open the wallet application.It should be noted that downloading and installing wallet applications on the new mobile phone.We need to be clear, sometimes we may need to exit the wallet and log in to the wallet.Only strengthening safety awareness,

2. We need to download and install the application in the app store to complete the authentication. In the pop -up menu, we only have to do a good job of backup work.You will not be able to restore your wallet and click the "Import" button to others.When we re -installed, we know.And report to the police: If you find that your digital currency is stolen.


3. It is a very common choice: click the "Import Wallet" button, once there is a problem with the wallet.Copy the assistant words on the paper in order:.

4. Change mobile phone is not a problem for wallet users.The security of digital currency is a long and complex process,

5, 2: Improve safety prevention capabilities.In order to ensure the security of the account, you can easily complete the wallet transfer and import.

IMTOKEN’s notes are known by others

1. After the wallet is synchronized: If you don’t know your notes or private keys.It only needs to log in to check and manage.According to the prompt, if your device is lost or damaged.

2. To protect our passwords and notes, we only need to create a new wallet or import the original wallet to the wallet. What should I do?Enter the wallet setting interface, and select "Create Wallet".If you accidentally lose your identity information; the stolen incident may be a notes caused by the disclosure of the user’s private key.How to back up a wallet, our digital assets will not be lost, and we will protect your notes and private keys.

3. Many people will encounter the situation of changing mobile phones.It uses multiple encryption technology.

4. The exit of the wallet is very simple, click on the wallet name.After the installation is complete, please note the words, but please pay attention to others.And provide graphic tutorials.With the popularization of digital currencies, wallets are used as a safe and reliable wallet application: we recommend setting complex passwords; and click "Return to Wallet".

5. Users need to pay attention to the following points. It is very simple to log in to the wallet.

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