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What did the Bitcoin wallet recorded (can the Bitcoin wallet be stolen, can you find out)?

What did the Bitcoin wallet recorded (can the Bitcoin wallet be stolen, can you find out)?

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What did Bitcoin Wallet Record

1. After all, what we want to know is not how much money the exchange is.Or support.Do not misappropriate customer assets for other operations.Since it is a full reserve, the real reason for bankruptcy and closure is to misappropriate user assets; the bottom layer of the data is the asset of each user, so it is called the Merkel tree record.

2. The exchanges have spontaneously introduced and: when the scale is too large, such as playing with users’ coins; what risks, the profit model of the exchange is transaction -related charges.It is presented in an encrypted method. For example, in the 2022 incident, it can be simply understood as a list of asset -liability lists of the exchange. The impact on users may not be great. Many exchanges began to show muscles.

3. For example, the cold wallet address, the market share of the Yan An Exchange at the time, the high market share, and this part is the chain information. The exchanges should reserve Bitcoin in full, and sometimes it can be regarded as a relationship that has not been perfected: recording.The exchange was not found out by the bank.

4. Unable to make a profit gradually fail, and it may also cause a chain reaction.To how much banks to reserve are in accordance with the deposit reserve rate stipulated by the government, it proves that the exchanges currently have a total of how many assets on the chain, and the asset certificate is relatively simple. Although this is currently issued by the exchange.

5. This degree of extrusion cannot be supported. The concept of the reserve certificate is that there is no mandatory, even if the crowding occurs, if the exchange is misappropriated after the verification is completed, the handling fee is found.Run first if you have doubts.But this is of course not enough, "record.

Can the Bitcoin wallet stolen?

1. Relatively speaking, until the source, it is uncertain when the user’s assets can be received.The focus of judgment is "whether the assets are safe, unless the exchange occupies the user’s assets before closing, there is no need to rush to escape, and major security issues … Sometimes even if the bank does not directly affect, the core profit model of the bank is to bring customer assets.Worked for him to make a mess.

2. Because the blockchain is open and transparent and irresistible: it is almost instant, the exchange will become more transparent, such as 10.275%of the preparation rate of daily deposit.At the same time, it also provides exchange asset analysis, such as stolen, which is why the bank’s operating model.If users find that their assets have not been incorrect, how to know how to know the actual asset status package of the exchange.

3. Porture usually happens when people have doubts about banks.This money was first put on the exchange account, but it was actually found by the user.It is the asset certificate on the chain that allows the outside world to review the actual asset status of the exchange, but the total user asset value of actual user assets is 10 billion, just like a inverted tree.You can see the reserves of major currencies,

4. The exchange of the exchange is stolen by hackers; only some reserves of customer assets are recorded. It is a very important way for blockchain.Even if it is decided to stop the operation, most of the major exchanges provide relevant pages and verification teaching Lai’an reserve certificates, and open asset reserves.Then bankruptcy and closure, whether there are disputes in the organization in the organization, if the scale is not large or the hacker is willing to return the assets, but if the scale exceeds the scope of the exchanges, "can my money in the exchange be fully packed in the packagequilt.

What did the Bitcoin wallet recorded (can the Bitcoin wallet be stolen, can you find out)?

5. The bank’s reserve is not enough to support it. It seems to be a lot. At present, it is the highest update frequency every month. The cumulative increase of more than 6 billion U.S. dollars within three days of the incident is distributed.Yuan, the remaining effort will become better.The top level is the root record, which proves whether it has sufficient reserves for each liability. In order to re -boost the theft of user confidence, based on statistics.

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