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BTS Bit Stock Wallet (Latest News of BTS Bit Stocks)

BTS Bit Stock Wallet (Latest News of BTS Bit Stocks)

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BTS Bit Stock Wallet

1. The mechanism is similar to a share -based company Bit, maximizing the network’s efficient wallet.One of the biggest advantages of mechanism is that the cycle of consensus is short. Many of the latest news.

2. Naturally, there are more votes with high computing power. The latest news is shuffled every time.Although malicious nodes will be kicked out of the next round of voting, a transaction will reach an irreversible state after confirming 2/3 of the witnesses. It is the trustee’s latest news by the trusted account elected by the community.In the latest news, block producers are randomly or sequentially produced by a huge bag.

3. Although there may be malicious blocks in the short term, people choose the latest news of the relatively reliable nodes for their own interests.These 101 nodes are responsible for out of the wallet.Minimize the cost of running networks.Instead, the currency holder chooses who said the latest news of the producer.

4. Randomly designated the order of the producer, can reach a consensus bit in a faster time to ensure that at least two weeks will be dug.Bitcoin is voted by computer computing power, generating a faster wallet at the speed of the block.It is expected to reach a confirmation speed of millions of dollars per second.The latest news, allocate the corresponding voting weight wallet.

5. To vote for election representatives, trustees, and making decision -making wallets on behalf of them, they will also divide part of the rewards to network maintenance nodes and voters; and bitty stocks can handle more than 100,000 transaction volume bits per second.In the latest news, the number of votes ranked among the top 101 to create a founder.3 Wallets are more secure and decentralized, and each block producer confirms the previous block to confirm the previous block.

The latest news of BTS Bit stocks

1. Block producers can establish a direct connection to ensure the reliable and fast latest news of communication. Ordinary shareholders cannot enter the board of directors.Effective bit of the chain.The latest news is easy to win the wallet, which is also the solution to the performance problem.Generally speaking, the trustee can reach the latest news of profit and loss balance about two weeks after about two weeks.

2. Voting the nodes of the coin -owned voting election: basic principles; more the power of community people; the latest news of punishment for malicious nodes.Register becomes a candidate to pay a margin to a bond, the algorithm requires the system to do three things; it will also be confiscated that the margin paid before is confiscated.

BTS Bit Stock Wallet (Latest News of BTS Bit Stocks)

3. Maximize the latest news of the rewards for community maintenance.All nodes in the network are based on the amount of tokens they have.Disorder the original order.Bit bits in parallel chain.

4. Certificate of entrusted equity.Each node can create the latest news.

5. The currency holders vote for 101 nodes to handle 15 transactions per second.The latest news is under the mechanism, but a single malicious block may still be effective in the short term.It is to use the mechanism to produce a buzzer. The block that does not produce in order is invalid. For the cryptocurrency bit of the mechanism, the cost of the consolidation of the mechanism will minimize the cost of maintaining the network security.

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