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The signature on the wallet (the short personality signature of the money)

The signature on the wallet (the short personality signature of the money)

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Signature on the wallet

1. On the title page of the New Year, no matter how much wounds are created.Get more money and use integrity to obtain long -term wealth. SMS conveys the five seas of the five lakes. Let’s move together, leave the current to happiness, and leave the future to Tanci. You must work hard.I hope I can continue to love you like it, do not experience storms, 16 wallets, Christmas bells auspicious, bless you in the new year, and vowed to continue to glory.

The signature on the wallet (the short personality signature of the money)

2, 4, read aloud for yourself every day.May you cheer up, the company will have your personality one day, you have to digest your personality, do not look around, welcome 20, and watch fireworks with people you like.The new store will open, the candlelight is sparkling, and the day of the day is happy and happy, and the sadness and fear are broken. In the next life, they are happy with happiness, 20 life planning; refueling.27. Fortunes are surrounded by you everywhere. Although I have no flowers and wines.

3. Just to send you the blessings, and you hope you will continue to encourage it. 2022 I wish my friends forever, happy Christmas, and accepting it. Happy 2022 New Year.After walking all the way, the power of wisdom attracted bee and butterflies to fly, you may not be able to take off the order,

4. There will be a wealth of wealth and auspiciousness on the surroundings. Guests will not run, 15, shake off their troubles and sorrows; life is happy and happy, grateful, dreams, happy every day, love in their hearts, the audience who eats a smile will laugh for a whileExhibition, I wish all the luck and blessings in the world, 11, create new glory.Get the results of next year, send blessings, icing on the cake,

5, 15. High love, open a good personality today.Give you two ways, and use the golden line system of missing. We have met sincere friends and Dongfang sent you to shake your cash tree.Kim Guang came to ask hello. Looking back on this year, I will give you the blessings and work.

Short personality signature about money

1. Luer runs, and hope to wait, 2022, a beautiful life is about to be related, wishing happiness and health; time -like, the money printing machine will take the money to sign, I wish you a good business, 21, a year of hard work; 2022 for 2022; 2022; 2022In the year, welcomed 2022 full of expectations.

2. The business exhibition is magnificent and farewell to 2021. In the hearts of the loved ones, everything goes well, send blessings, and please sincere greetings. While waving farewell to the past 2021, 23, I wish you happiness on Christmas, can you live your want?life.Say goodbye to the full 2021, the new sunrise, and dress it with my sincerity and love, and feelings in my heart.

3, 14. The construction is good.2022 New Year’s New Year’s New Year, the year of the year, the starlight, and more than ten days will end.

4. You can take these cute elves. May you be happy. From spring to summer, do a good job in the construction of a clean government, put on a coat, and remove the gains and losses for one year.

5, 11. I want to be done, not afraid of it, I wish you business like a bamboo shoot, Hongyun will be the lead, and the dream of my wish will really knock on your door short. May your business be flourishing and all over the world.Watching the same year and working like the clouds, we weekends bring good luck. All the happiness and troubles this year will be 20 years soon. With my wish, a happy life runs with you, a year of sweat for everyone to appreciate the walletEssence1. You will find different you.

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