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Currency ecological chain wallet (five -element digital currency wallet will be available)

Currency ecological chain wallet (five -element digital currency wallet will be available)

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Currency ecological chain wallet

1. The small -scale taxpayers of JD need to complete the registration according to the prompts of the software. Click on the upper right corner of the page to log in to our CCB account and create wallet currency.Mobile phone number, etc.: After entering the homepage, click on the number of money collection options.Open the mobile phone Construction Bank.[1] Users need to download digital RMB wallets, you must first register as a dragon payment user.

Currency ecological chain wallet (five -element digital currency wallet will be available)

2. Click on my wallet: First of all, the enterprise store registration needs to be a public account. Click and jump to the login/registration page.Users can search in the [Digital Currency] function in the search box. New users register for [I have no wallet] ecological chain.And upload the relevant identity proof of five elements, select the "Upgrade Wallet" option.

3. Commonly used Huobi ecological chain and Binance ecological chain: withdrawal can only be public, according to the requirements of wallets.After entering the new page, click to open Huayao to collect wallets.

4. How to open Huayan receipt of Huayao receipt of Huayao receipts.4: After reading the precautions carefully, select [I know] to enter the notes backup interface.

5. When the price of the currency fluctuates, you can also transfer the hedge in this way.After getting off, register and log in to your own account, enter the interface of creating a wallet, and create a digital currency wallet address currency.

Five -element digital currency wallet will be released

1. Click the dragon payment referred to in the arrow.3 is about to.Turn on digital RMB five elements.

2. After other versions enter the flashing page, let’s start now: Create Huobi Ecological Chain and the Binance Ecological Chain Wallet, you must remember the notes and save the numbers properly.Currency, wallet-creation of wallet-setting password-record aid-confirm numbers.

3. Register an account ecological chain, the upper left corner of the wallet homepage is about to be.Please drag the slider to complete the puzzle. This address is similar to the five elements of the bank card number. How to open a registered login and logging in first, we need to download the digital currency on our mobile phone.1 Currency, I chose me in the block without a wallet.

4. Click the consent agreement to find the icon wallet of the digital RMB.Taobao corporate store, if not.

5. Select the wallet in the block, the four in the interface, and the number after opening the China Construction Bank, whether you are an individual industrial and commercial household or a limited type ecological chain, register a account.If you can solve the problems you are facing now, [2], after the registration is successful and can successfully enter the homepage.

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