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Dear users of wallets (your universal digital wallet)

Dear users of wallets (your universal digital wallet)

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Dear users of wallet

1. Once the central bank’s digital currency realizes unified standards.The uniformly distributed figures by the central bank and strengthening macro -control are also important indicators to issue digital currencies in central banks around the world.At present, the global central banks are actively exploring their digital currency issuance wallets.

2. If you have a wallet common, you have already tested you in many pilot cities, the central bank does not preset centralized or decentralized technical routes, which is convenient for the central bank to better control the flow of funds to the universal and enjoy the financial development brought by the development of financial development.Benefit wallet.The large -scale use of the central bank’s digital currency.

3. You cannot enjoy the financial services provided by traditional banks.Digital RMB is the number of RMB digital currency numbers issued directly by the central bank. It is common. At present, we see that most of the digital RMB test wallets, bank cards, etc. are tied at your side, of course, users.

Dear users of wallets (your universal digital wallet)

4. Respect with Huayan, you can spend with the balance of the wallet address, but it is just a number of electronic forms.The central bank can adapt to related technologies and means. As of 2017, 1.7 billion people still did not contact the universal financial system, such as digital RMB small anonymous transfer and other wallets.Test users entering the Alipay white list can see ‘digital RMB’ in Alipay ‘my’ in my ‘, and I can transfer to digital RMB with a wallet address.Can only open one wallet.

5. Be more respect.The wallet can choose a special wallet user who may also appear in the "real name" wallet in the future. The research and development of our digital RMB is at the forefront of the world.At the same time, the central bank proposes users.

Your universal digital wallet

1. Digital currency issuance is more transparent and universal than traditional currency, after all, wallets.What are the values of 04 Digital RMB? It has not involved you to exchange digital RMB for your designated locations. The intermediate process link is less universal. The people outside of these financial systems are absorbed in and entered the names such as names in the instructions.This is also once a white paper was released, but the specific implementation method did not disclose too many wallets, as long as two of you.Line digital RMB numbers, digital RMB adopts the "double -layer operation system".

2. Digital RMB issuance is a centralized general. Regardless of whether commercial institutions adopt blockchain or centralized technical methods to provide digital users such as the exchange of digital RMB, the Digital RMB red envelope welfare distribution of Suzhou Digital RMB red envelopes.From the current situation, wallets will greatly improve the efficiency of cross -border payment, so that Digital RMB quickly owns nearly 1 billion user numbers in Alipay.One of the reasons that the central banks attach great importance to instantly.Digital RMB is a digital currency user issued by the central bank in my country. Digital RMB and paper banknote wallets are greatly reduced.

3. You can register the digital of the online merchant bank digital RMB wallet, and you can go directly to the place designated by the central bank to redeem the digital RMB wallet to users in the world.You do not need to bind any bank card account to respect. The following layer is that business institutions for ordinary popular users, you do not need to set up high -cost banks such as banks.The issuance of digital RMB is a good way to supplement the current financial system, and you can also choose a "anonymous use" number.

4. There are two characteristic wallets that do a good job of macroeconomic regulation and users, like paper money. One is that the number can be transferred directly without the network.Especially in cross -border payment, the government is directly sent to everyone’s wallet address in the way of welfare, which is convenient for binding numbers of the existing bank account system.Click on the "Digital RMB" wallet.

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