Imtoken integrates dapp, providing a better experience for Android users.

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Imtoken integrates dapp providing a better experience for Android users

ImToken Integrates DApps Providing a Better Experience for Android Users

Imtoken is a mobile wallet that provides users with crypto-asset storage and transfer services. Additionally, it offers news display and staking, where you can earn ETH prizes.

It features support for multiple blockchain networks and a built-in exchange. It also has an integrated DApp browser and a DeFi data provider.

Imtoken Wallet

The team at imToken recently announced a major upgrade to its flagship wallet app. The new version enables users to interact with DApps on multiple chains with enhanced security and user experience. The upgrade also enables users to create and store private keys securely, manage session management, and revoke authorizations.

WalletConnect, an open protocol that connects DApps to wallets, is now integrated with the imToken Wallet. Using this feature, DApps can automatically request permission from the wallet when a transaction is sent to the blockchain. The wallet then approves the request, allowing the transaction to be sent on-chain. The new version of imToken also optimizes the home screen display, adding displays for token unit prices, appreciation & depreciation rates, and token names.

When creating an account on the platform, users are given a choice between “Backup Now” or “Backup Later”. After selecting their preference, the platform will provide them with 12 words (Backup Phrase) that can be used to restore their wallet in case they lose or break their phone. It is advisable to keep these 12 words somewhere safe and not share them with anyone else.

Besides being secure and easy to use, the Imtoken wallet also has an inbuilt exchange that lets users swap cryptos for other cryptos or stable coins. In addition, the wallet supports a wide range of Dapps and features a highly versatile DApp browser that is privacy-oriented. Moreover, the wallet is open-source and subject to regular security audits from prominent third-party security firms.

DApp Browser

DApp Browser is a decentralized application that allows users to interact with and use dApps through a user-friendly interface. It is designed to be secure and lightweight, while still providing an excellent user experience. It supports a variety of blockchain networks and provides advanced security features. These include a private key storage system, transaction signing protocols, and a multi-chain wallet. It also includes a Discover tab, which makes it easy to find the right dApp for you.

Dapps are digital applications that run on a blockchain or distributed ledger system. They are used in a variety of ways, including for cryptocurrency transactions, decentralized exchanges, and other uses. They provide a number of benefits, including data privacy and security, scalability, and usage flexibility.

Unlike traditional web browsers, dApp browsers can communicate directly with the blockchain network, which increases security and performance. These browsers are also based on open source code and are constantly being updated to improve usability and add new features.

A dApp browser is a secure way to manage your crypto assets and access dApps without having to download and install a separate app. It enables you to use dApps in a secure environment and protects your wallet from hackers and other threats. It also offers multiple security features, including hardware wallet integration and biometric authentication.

DApp Store

The dApp store provides a one-stop shop for users to discover and access decentralized applications. It also serves as a valuable platform for developers to deploy and manage their dApps on the blockchain. The dApp store uses advanced search algorithms and filtering options to enable users to find the right apps based on their specific needs.

A dApp store can be packaged as a Progressive Web App (PWA), which means it can run on any browser without the need for an internet connection. This typically involves modifying the application’s web app manifest to include support for PWA features, implementing responsive design techniques, and optimizing the app for different mobile devices. It can then be added to the user’s home screen and launched with a single tap.

In addition to a built-in dApp browser, imToken supports many other blockchain protocols, including Ethereum and EOS. It also has a real decentralized exchange, developed by Kyber Network and 0x, which allows users to quickly and securely swap tokens. It also offers cold storage functionality via its secure backup feature, which uses a 12-word phrase string to encrypt your wallet and allow you to restore it to another device.

The imToken wallet is a secure mobile app that allows you to securely store and use cryptocurrency on your phone. You can store any ERC20 compatible tokens in the wallet, as well as ETH, BTC and more. You can even trade your crypto in 3 steps, directly from your on-chain wallet in a secure and convenient way.


A new dApp that is now available on imtoken is Exchange, which allows users to exchange their coins/tokens in 3 steps without leaving the wallet. The app reads your imToken identity to allow you to trade conveniently without having to copy and paste long addresses on desktop.

This feature will help users manage their cryptocurrencies and DApps in one place, and it is currently being tested by imToken Wallet users. Users can watch their balances, watch all tokens with prices and send and receive them just like they would in browser wallets.

imToken Wallet is the most popular Ethereum digital asset wallet with over 6 million users, accounting for 10% of all Ethereum transactions on average. It is a secure and lightweight mobile app that can store and manage a variety of blockchain assets, including dApps, and features a dApp browser,Imtoken wallet Shib , decentralized exchange, and hardware wallet support.

Built in Rust, a powerful, high-performance programming language, imToken Wallet is optimized for speed and stability. The wallet is compatible with MetaX, MetaMask and Ledger hardware wallets, as well as desktop browser wallets. It also supports multiple blockchain networks and is capable of integrating with the upcoming Loopring DEX. In addition, imToken Wallet has a number of other useful functions, such as a search function for DApps and a favorites segmentation feature.