Comparison between Imtoken International and Domestic versions

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Comparison between Imtoken International and Domestic versions

Comparison Between ImToken International and Domestic Versions

Currently, imToken is one of the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallets. The company provides a smart mobile wallet that empowers users to manage and safeguard their blockchain- and token-based assets, identities and data.

The wallet’s encryption technology ensures the safety of user information. It also offers a secure multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet with support for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

International Version

Founded in 2016, imToken has become a leading digital wallet platform that empowers more than 12 million users across 150 countries to manage and safeguard their blockchain- and token-based assets, identities and data. Through the in-app decentralized exchange Tokenlon and a Web3 DApp browser, imToken provides users with a comprehensive set of tools that are designed to connect the blockchain world to their everyday lives.

As of 2019, the total value of transactions conducted via the app exceeds USD $10 billion. To further strengthen the ecosystem, imToken has established its Singapore office as a global headquarters and rolled out various in-house products including a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet with staking function and a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) portfolio management tool.

The new multi-chain wallet allows users to import cryptocurrency wallets from the ETH, BTC and EOS blockchains under one Mnemonic passphrase. In addition, the wallet will now be able to display all token transaction records including time, status and type. This will help users better understand their cryptocurrency holdings.

Furthermore,The Latest Version of Ethereum Online Wallet , imToken will add a spot and order trading function to its in-app decentralized exchange Tokenlon. This will allow users to trade cryptocurrencies directly in the wallet and experience features similar to those on traditional stock exchanges. The company has also strengthened its risk control system by filtering out zero-amount transfers on the ETH and Arbitrum blockchains in an attempt to reduce hacker attacks.

Domestic Version

The Domestic Version of the Imtoken Wallet was recently upgraded to support more than 18 coins and tokens, including BTC, ETH, ATOM, EOS, and TRX. The app also offers transfer services and staking (depositing tokens for a set amount of time to earn rewards).

As a non-custodial wallet, it stores users’ private keys on their devices rather than on its servers. This gives the user complete control over their assets. The app is available on iOS and Android. It supports mainstream hardware wallets like Ledger and CoolWallet.

ImToken also has a security system that prevents hackers from accessing private keys. Its encryption technology keeps transactions secure, and users can recover their accounts using a 12-word recovery phrase. Users can also access their wallets from multiple devices.

Another security feature of the Domestic Version is the ability to set the level of transaction fees. Depending on the fee you choose, your transaction will be added to the blockchain more quickly or slower.

While the Domestic Version is less secure than its International counterpart, it has a more intuitive interface and is easy to use. Its mobile-first design makes it suitable for both advanced and novice users alike. It also supports Vietnamese, making it a great choice for users in Asia. Additionally, it has a mobile app that lets users manage their wallets on the go.

Security Features

ImToken has made a lot of effort to keep its security features at the top of their game and the platform always makes sure they’re up to date. This has helped them gain a lot of trust from users and the platform claims that it has secured over $35 billion worth of crypto assets for its users so far.

The wallet has a number of features that help make it secure including its multi-chain support. This enables it to manage multiple wallets supporting cryptocurrencies and tokens from different blockchains through one identity. It also has a biometric verification system that allows users to send their Coins/Tokens by scanning their face or fingerprint.

Another feature is its decoding transaction function that helps users understand what has been deposited and what has been spent from their wallets. In addition, the wallet has one-stop management of NFTs.

Finally, the wallet has integrated WalletConnect v2.0, which is an open communication protocol for blockchain wallets and DApps. This is part of its larger strategy to expand interoperability in the Web3 space and offer greater convenience for users as they navigate the cryptocurrency landscape. This is also a great opportunity for developers to build dApps on the platform and leverage its ecosystem. WalletConnect v2.0 also provides new features for users such as the ability to connect to a new exchange via deep linking or QR code scanning.

Transaction Fees

The latest update improves the App’s startup speed and offers users a smoother operating experience. Additionally, the new version will filter out zero-amount transfers from TRX wallets that can be used to tamper with transaction records and prevent users from being defrauded by malicious addresses.

In addition, imToken will automatically set a miner fee (also known as transaction fee) for each transfer to encourage miners to pack transactions and maintain the integrity of the blockchain. The default value is 0.000001 ETH, which is equivalent to $0.01 USD. In addition, the newest version of imToken allows users to import multiple cryptocurrency wallets with different blockchains into one unified wallet, where they can manage them with a single mnemonic passphrase.

Founded in 2016, imToken is the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency digital wallet with more than 50 billion assets stored on its platform. Its mobile app and decentralized exchange — Tokenlon — enable users around the world to securely manage a range of blockchain and token-based assets, identities and data.

The company has raised over $10 million in funding and is expanding its research arm for blockchain technology, as well as opening offices in Asia and the U.S. It plans to use its fresh capital to accelerate development of a suite of services for “imToken 3.0,” including keyless accounts and account recovery, as well as an open protocol for interoperability between blockchain wallets, DApps and other related applications.