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Imtoken2 Review - A Review of the All-In-One Crypto Wallet

The wallet is known for its multi-coin support, and it’s one of the few mobile wallets to offer a built-in exchange. It also offers a few security enhancements to keep coins safe.

Users must create an Identity Name and password and note down a 12-word Backup Phrase. This will allow them to restore their wallets should the app be lost or damaged.


A well-known wallet that’s been around for some time, imtoken offers a secure storage service for crypto assets. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for even novices to use. Its functionality is complemented by the integration of a DApp browser and inbuilt exchange, allowing users to easily trade their tokens.

Its non-custodial nature means that private keys are never stored on company servers, giving users total control over their funds. It’s also open-sourced and subjected to third-party security audits for transparency. Additionally, it allows you to backup and restore your wallet with a 12-word recovery seed.

Moreover, it’s compatible with mainstream hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano X and CoolWallet. It also supports a range of blockchains and provides the option to import multiple wallets.

Another feature worth noting is its advanced functions that allow you to optimize your experience. For example, it lets you speed up pending transactions and manage concurrent ones. Furthermore, you can synchronize the app with other devices and exchange your tokens in a single click using the built-in instant exchange. All these features make the wallet a great choice for any crypto-enthusiast.

Wallet Connect

Wallet Connect is an open protocol that connects DApps to wallets, allowing users to easily use a diverse range of decentralized applications on their mobile devices. Its chain agnosticism allows it to work seamlessly with multiple blockchain networks. It is also highly platform flexible, enabling it to work across desktop, browser, and mobile environments.

The wallet uses multi-character passwords and offline transaction signing for a privacy guarantee, and its non-custodial design ensures that private keys remain on the user’s device. It also supports hardware wallets and cold storage to prevent cyber attacks and data theft.

With a simple interface and an intuitive experience, it is easy to set up and manage your cryptocurrency. The wallet has built-in exchange support, allowing you to swap your cryptos for other coins or stable currencies without having to leave the app. Its multi-coin support includes major currencies like ETH, Bitcoin, and Tether. It also supports token swaps for a variety of popular games and social networking platforms.

Moreover, the app comes with an inbuilt decentralized exchange called Tokenlon that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies with no additional fees, excluding the Ethereum network fee. Using Tokenlon is easy and convenient, just select the coin/token you want to send and enter your wallet address or scan the QR code to complete the process.

NFT Management

Securely store your crypto in an all-in-one wallet trusted by millions. Manage thousands of tokens, watch DeFi balances grow, transfer ERC721 & ERC1155 NFTs, earn with Ethereum games, experience Layer 2s and ETH staking. Plus a DApp browser.

We are constantly working to improve the quality of our wallet software to provide you with a smoother and more efficient user experience. For instance, the latest update optimizes app startup speed and provides you with a faster and more stable operation experience. We have also improved the way we display address book information to make it more convenient for you to manage your wallet and facilitate transfers.

In addition, we have enhanced the revocation function on the ETH wallet and made it easier to decode transactions so that you can see more detailed information about your token transaction records. We have also added a new feature that makes it easier for you to add an additional address to your wallet so that you can receive payments from a second account without having to log out and back in again.

With the new revocation feature, you can now instantly cancel your authorization on any network by clicking on the Revoke button in the Wallet homepage. You can also easily view your revocation history and check the status of each authorization on any network.

DApp Browser

As an open-source cryptocurrency wallet, imToken is subjected to regular security audits by leading security companies such as SlowMist, PeckShield,How to withdraw money from TP Wallet to bank card? , Cure53 and Knownsec. This enables users to rest assured knowing their assets are well-protected and secure.

The latest version of imToken adds a number of new features, including the optimization of the home screen display. This enhancement makes it easier for users to grasp essential information such as token unit prices, appreciation & depreciation rates, and token names without having to access other pages within the app.

In addition, users can now manage their multichain wallets from the main menu of the app, including the capability to revoke authorizations from any chain. This means that if they accidentally give away their private keys, they can revoke those authorizations to protect their assets and prevent any potential theft.

The user interface of the wallet is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced traders alike. The multi-coin support in the wallet, along with its dapp browser and inbuilt exchange, also make it possible for users to quickly swap their cryptos for other cryptocurrencies or stable coins. With all these benefits, it is no wonder that imToken has become one of the most popular wallet apps in the cryptocurrency industry. This is especially true given that the wallet is non-custodial, meaning all your private keys are kept on your own device.