Imtoken Chinese official website, a useful tool for digital currency wallets!

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Imtoken Chinese official website a useful tool for digital currency wallets

Imtoken Chinese Official Website

Imtoken is a mobile wallet that allows you to manage multiple wallets using one digital identity. You can import this identity from a wallet with a backed-up mnemonic passphrase.

The company’s latest funding will accelerate development of its next iteration, imToken 3.0. This version will add features such as keyless accounts and account recovery.

User-friendly interface

ImToken is a user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with multiple operating systems and mobile devices. It supports the majority of mainstream blockchains and allows for quick token swaps. The wallet also offers a number of services, including e-commerce payment and staking.

The wallet offers a secure way to store crypto assets, with full control over the private keys. It allows users to import and manage wallets from other platforms and supports mnemonic phrases, JSON files, and private keys. It also features a security warning and an easy-to-use interface. It is also possible to use the wallet to trade cryptocurrencies for fiat money, as well as to exchange them with other users.

A new type of phishing attack has been detected that targets users of a cryptocurrency exchange. The scammer calls the victim and claims that the exchange is experiencing technical problems, and requests them to transfer more funds to them. This is a new type of attack that exploits the user’s trust in their exchange. The scammer will then request that the user share their phone screen with a video app and then call them back to confirm their identity.

Hangzhou-based wallet maker imToken has expanded its ecosystem with the launch of Tokenlon and its decentralized exchange. It has also launched its venture arm, imToken Venture, in Singapore. Its flagship product is a digital currency wallet that supports all major coins and has integrated the Kyber Network. It has a built-in exchange and can also be used to connect to DApps through the imToken decentralized application browser.

Easy to use

With an easy-to-use interface, imToken allows users to import wallets that support different blockchains and manage multiple wallets with one mnemonic passphrase. They can also exchange their tokens through the platform’s centralized exchange and use the platform’s betting or staking service to earn rewards. It also offers multi-chain wallet support and a mobile app.

Imtoken has added support for more cryptocurrencies, including ERC20-based Ethereum tokens, and has optimized its DApp browser with a personalized search function and favorites segcent and recently used DApp display. In addition, its multi-chain wallet has a large capacity that allows it to save more than 200 types of digital assets and coins from 8 major blockchain companies.

The company also announced a new partnership with Kyber Network and Ox Protocol to provide decentralized exchange (DEX) functionality for its wallets. It will also add support for a number of Layer 2 DApps, such as Optimism and Arbitrum.

The Layer 2 DApps will enable users to make a variety of trades using the platform’s order book, and it will also offer spot trading capabilities similar to traditional exchanges. The team at imToken hopes that the new features will encourage more people to invest in cryptocurrency and participate in the platform’s community events. However,The platform's daily briefing on blockchain mining. , it is important to note that investing in digital assets has risks and could lose value. It is advisable to consult with an investment professional before making any investments.

Easy to install

The Imtoken wallet is one of the most secure digital asset storage services available. Its phishing protection and security alerts help users avoid committing fraud. It also has a cold wallet feature that allows users to keep their private keys offline, which prevents cyber attacks. In addition, it has a built-in DApp browser and supports the Ethereum blockchain as well as arbitration chains.

Scams are a constant threat to the digital asset world, and it can be challenging for average users to fully prevent them. However, the imToken team is committed to detecting and solving issues quickly, communicating with the community, and providing timely information about scams and warning signals. The team has also improved the user experience by adding features such as decoded transactions and a comprehensive risk control system to safeguard users' assets.

The latest version of the imToken wallet, 2.11.3, includes a number of improvements that will improve user experience and safety. The new version supports WalletConnect 2.0, which allows users to connect to DApps on multiple networks with a single click. It also supports a variety of EVM-compatible chains and layer 2s, such as Polygon and Gnosis Chain. Moreover, users can now backup wallets using their mnemonic passphrase. In addition, imToken 2.11.3 will now offer a smoother and more stable connection through scanning.

Easy to manage

As a crypto-friendly app, Imtoken supports several different wallet formats. It is also easy to import an existing wallet using a JSON file or mnemonic phrase. This feature makes it easy to manage and maintain your cryptocurrency assets. Moreover, the app’s interface is user-friendly and features a convenient navigation system. You can use the dashboard to view a summary of your asset balances and transactions.

In an attempt to combat phishing, Imtoken has implemented a new security protocol for its users. This will help protect users from unauthorized access to their wallets, including their private keys. This is an important step as hackers continue to target crypto wallets. In fact, a recent phishing scam targeting MetaMask users has already caused significant damage to the industry.

Founded in 2016, the Imtoken app has helped users secure and manage billions of dollars worth of blockchain-based assets, identities and data. Its decentralized digital wallet is designed to help protect the value of users’ holdings while connecting them with a suite of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

This month, imToken has announced a number of updates to its platform, including its new global headquarters in Singapore and the launch of its venture arm, imToken Ventures. Additionally, the company has updated its Tokenlon decentralized exchange and added support for Cosmos, USDT, EOS and more.