Cold and secure, download Tokenpocket cold wallet now

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Cold and secure download Tokenpocket cold wallet now

TokenPocket Review - A Cold and Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that provides users with asset storage, trading and DApp support. It also supports mainstream public chains including BTC, ETH, EOS, Polkadot, Solana, BNB chain, Polygon and Arbitrum.

It can be used as a browser extension (for Chrome, Brave and Firefox) and as a mobile application. Its key feature is that it is non-custodial.


TokenPocket is a universal cryptocurrency wallet that supports leading blockchain networks including BTC, ETH, EOS,Imtoken or TP Wallet , Polygon, and TRON. It is available as a mobile app and browser extension. In addition, it allows users to exchange tokens across chains and access over 2200 DApps in one place. TokenPocket is an independent, crypto-focused project that was launched in 2018. It has also integrated a series of on-chain products such as the cross-chain aggregator Transit Swap and NFT trading platform Transit NFT.

Wallets are an essential part of any crypto investment. They are used to store your private keys and allow you to access your crypto assets. However, they can be vulnerable to hacking if they are not properly secured. To reduce the risk of hacking, you can use cold storage to protect your wallet.

A cold wallet is a physical or virtual device that stores your cryptocurrency and allows you to transfer it to another user. Unlike hot wallets, which hold your crypto in the cloud, a cold wallet has its own private key. To set up a cold wallet, you will need two unrooted phones: an offline phone that serves as the cold wallet and a networked phone that acts as a watch wallet.


A cold wallet is a secure way to store your cryptocurrency. Unlike a hot wallet, it does not connect to the internet and can only be accessed with a private key. This type of wallet can be stored in a USB drive, thumbdrive or even in a paper wallet. It can also be used with a computer that is not connected to the internet.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain digital wallet that provides users with an easy-to-use and convenient finance payment application that enables users to easily and safely manage assets. It supports leading chains such as OKExChain, Binance(BSC), Heco, Thinkium and Kusama. Other mainstream chains are on the way. In addition to supporting multiple chains, the platform offers a wide range of features including voting governance, transfer and Ram trading, inbuilt exchange and market quotations.

The wallet’s encryption technology is designed to keep user data safe from hacking attacks. This ensures that the wallet cannot be compromised if your phone is lost or stolen. In addition, it is designed to be used with a watch wallet, which allows you to perform transactions without connecting your private key to the internet.


The crypto market can be a very volatile place to invest in, and it’s more difficult than many other markets to predict the price of a specific cryptocurrency. This can lead to huge profits, but it also means that losses are possible. This makes it a good idea to use a cold wallet in order to protect your assets.

The Token Pocket wallet uses advanced biotechnology to ensure the security of users’ assets. It supports the use of face ID and fingerprint authentication, as well as secondary protection if the phone is unlocked. Its “Observation Mode” allows it to access cold storage devices such as Trezor and Ledger without revealing the private key. It also features built-in Uniswap, Curve and Pancake DEX aggregation for one-stop cross-chain trading.

Token Pocket is the trusted multi-chain wallet that can easily store and send all of your favorite coins, including ETH, EOS, BTC, IOST, TRON, Cosmos, and more. Its powerful Web3 browser allows you to interact with DApps, trade on decentralized exchanges (DEX), and play blockchain games. Its multi-chain support and powerful features are sure to make it a top choice among wallet users.


IOST is a new smart contract-enabled blockchain network that promises to be faster and cheaper than Ethereum. It uses efficient distributed sharding and micro state blocks to improve scalability and transaction confirmation speed. IOST is a multi-chain system with an underlying decentralized peer-to-peer network, and it uses a next-generation proof-of-believability consensus algorithm.

TokenPocket is a multi-chain wallet that supports a wide range of blockchain networks and on-chain products. It has a unique focus on the wallet field, and is constantly expanding its product boundaries to meet user needs. This includes the integration of multiple public chains in one-stop, multi-chain swaps and cross-chain transactions.

To set up a cold wallet, you should first import your keys into the TokenPocket app while your phone is offline or in airplane mode. After importing your wallet, you can use the Observer mode on your TP app to enable Offline-Sign functions by collaborating with an ETH cold wallet and watch wallet. Once you have done this, you can generate an Allowance Signature QR code using the watch wallet. This will allow you to transfer ETH from your cold wallet without connecting to the internet.


TokenPocket is a cryptocurrency cold wallet that helps you keep your coins secure and offline. It’s easy to use, and you can also exchange your bitcoin for other currencies. To purchase TokenPocket, you’ll need to have some ETH in your Coinbase account, and you can trade that for TokenPocket using the app.

Unlike your hot wallet, the cold wallet’s private keys are never uploaded to a server, which makes it more resistant to hacking. It also uses a dual-chip protection mechanism to ensure your assets’ safety. This is one of the best ways to secure your Bitcoin, and it’s worth the investment.

You can connect your wallet with a cold storage device, such as Trezor or Ledger, and access it remotely via the Watch Mode. This feature lets you manage your crypto assets safely and securely, and it allows you to sign transactions without revealing your private key. Moreover, TokenPocket offers multiple DeFi and NFT asset management functions, including multi-chain aggregation trading and NFT collection services. It also provides a number of other features that are not available on other wallets, such as voting governance and multi-sig.